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Recommend Reads 

2020 Was a tough year for everyone. I wanted to share with you some great reads that may help you navigate or view the world in a new way. These aren't your everyday books, however, they will inspire. 

1.  The Light of Egypt: Or, The Science of the Soul and the Stars

2. The science of the soul: the stars have! B M Wagner

3. God-man: The Word Made Flesh

4. HERMETICA: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius

5. The lost light Alvin Boyd Kuhn

Never forever certain education is highly controlled, it is not for the unenlightened. Don't worry so much about where you are going, remember where you came from and most importantly who you are. I have taken the liberty to find free downloads for all these books. Below you have access to all Five. 


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